Saturday, 24 November 2012

Colorful Diwali Night

Hi Friends,
I made this project to submit for the following challenge:

                               The challenge is to make paper quilting+diwali project.
The background is the colorful night sky of Diwali. Children are enjoying and burning crackers in front of their house.
Both the sky and house are made using Quilting methods. Dolls,flowerpots,crackers box,oil lamps are all paper quilled. The small and cute dolls are just 4 cms :)

This is the crackers box which i loved very much :)

One more view:

Friday, 9 November 2012

Quilled Doll with Patterned Background

Hi Friends,
For the first time in my life am participating in a challenge. I am very much exited and tried my level best to complete the project beautifully. Following is the link to the challenge:

 For the background i made the iris folding technique. I used the punch flowers for the border of background. Took drops of orange candle and used for the middle of the flower. As Jaya gave 3 color pencils and theme, i used the sharpened waste of pencil which i had been collecting from many days and placed the punch flower on that. and i tried to use more of only those 3 colors - Blue,Pink and Orange.

I made a doll using quilling technique which is 8cms. I attached 2 cute punched flowers for the hair and waist. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Quilled Pendants

Hi Friends...
Here are few more paper quilled pendants. I used the method suggested by Pritesh to make the pendants water resistant. It worked very well :)
Here is the link to her post on how to make the jewellery water resistant.

Quilled Beads Anklets

      Sorry for the bad photography. I just wanted to show how it looks when it is worn....